miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2014

Trenca el gel

M'entusiasma aquest curt. Amb quina alegria els passejants acompanyen el vaixell; ni pensar en el perill d'una gran fisura..

Opening shots from Peter von Bagh's 2008 documentary "Helsinki, ikuisesti" ("Helsinki Forever") show a crowd admiring (and soon being chased by) the icebreaker Tarmo in Helsinki, Finland. Apparently filmed in the 1920s.

The voiceover quoting Eino Leino towards the end is not related to this footage in particular. It translates roughly as:

"We do not live only in the present
The past -- with all its memories, events and experiences -- lives in us
And often it just might so happen that the past is stronger than the present"

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